With over 35 years of expertise in choosing fine wines for your enjoyment, David Maggard, The Wine Man, brings you the opportunity to savor his newest releases upon immediate arrival. In the past, The Wine Man's inventory has been available only through personal appointment. Unable to personally meet with everyone upon a new wine's arrival, and in response to requests from many customers, David has now established The Wine Man's Wine Club online!

When joining The Wine Man's Wine Club you choose the quantity, as well as the frequency, of your delivery of our newest arrivals.

Many of you already know, as a young man, David lived in England, Europe and Australia studying and living the wine experience. Combining his life experiences and knowledge working with the California Wine Growers' Association, David continued to built his contact base for what he so generously does for others today... buying great wines at great prices for great people! The Wine Man looks forward to continuing his personal relationships with all his customers. His passion for educating and sharing with customers is the drive behind his endless energy, booking as many as 15 appointments in a week! As a Wine Club Member, please feel welcome to contact The Wine Man whenever you have a question or simply want to set up a wine tasting.

As always, for wine tasting donations, contact us by this email. The Wine Man is passionate about his donations and loves to help non-profits whenever possible.

Wine Club Members always receive our deepest price discount, in addition to the case discount of 10% for all purchases of 12 bottles or more. Remember, one of our favorite club benefits is free delivery in the Greater Houston Area through our online store! For a review of all our wines available for purchase, including our New Arrivals, see our Wine Store. Don't miss out on the great wine accessories and gift bags!

We look forward to you enjoying this new angle on your Wine Man/Customer relationship. We hope you find this new experience another great service for you from The Wine Man... don't be shy, look around for new recipes to accompany that perfect wine for your next seated dinner or casual gathering of friends and family in our What's New section.

Thank you for visiting our website. Join the club of your choice today so you won't miss out on the next new release! And remember, as a Wine Club Member, you'll always receive our deepest discounts on all your wine purchases. The Wine Man is anxious to hear how you feel about the new service. Please email The Wine Man today with your thoughts, comments or suggestions!!!


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